Isn't using a blender for your latkes a copout?

Submitted by Judy on Sun, 09/02/2007 - 8:47pm.

Not on your life. You go ahead and grate away if you like. Some people tell me they prefer to use a Cuisinart because they like texture. Then they take this lumpy batter and fry it until the latkes are nice and soggy. You want texture? I'll give you texture. Use my SPLAT! method and you'll get crispy, crunchy latkes that will knock your apron off.

But my blender recipe is only one of the latke recipes in Cooking Jewish. You'll also find Malaysian Latkes (p. 282) with ginger, jalapenos and cashews - a latke with pizzazz! And a Giant Stuffed Potato Latke Galette with Wild Mushrooms (page 283), Apple Latkes (you'll find those in the breakfast chapter p. 361 - they're called Trude's German Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes), even Zucchini Miracle Latkes, a great project for the kids. But if you're bound and determined to grate, use the batter from my cousin Carole's awesome Crusty Potato Kugel (p. 279).